Warehouse worker awarded six-figure compensation sum for leg injury suffered at work

Human error leading to culpability claims on behalf of the employer led to a warehouse operative suffering what was described as a serious leg injury in the aftermath of being struck by a forklift truck whilst carrying out their normal duties.

The victim has recently received a six-figure compensation payout, awarded to the unfortunate individual to go some way to recompense for the pain, suffering and long-term damage caused by the warehouse accident; the physical and psychological effects of which they’re still said to be suffering from today.

Seeking the professional support of both their union representative, in this particular case Unite Legal Services and a leading personal injury claims solicitor to help them pursue compensation, the 60-year old victim recalls how they had just started their shift on that particular day when the life-changing incident happened.

According to first-hand accounts which were used by the parties representing the warehouse operative as part of the prosecution of the employer, the claimant was knocked over by the force of a reversing forklift truck which impacted his right leg at the time.

As it was the area in which the victim was positioned then and there was officially deemed a safe area and as such was supposed to remain free of any clutter so that operatives could move around freely and without endangering their health and safety.

However we have learned that on the day under scrutiny said area was obscured by a pile of boxes which had been discarded there and which shouldn’t have been present where they were. To make matters worse it was later established that only a fortnight earlier a HSE audit had identified that boxes were a danger to staff, yet despite this warning the injured person’s employer had reputedly ignored the hazard notifications they’d received; which of course formed the basis for calls of negligence on the their part in light of the ensuing incident taking place not long after warnings had been issued.

The victim was rushed straight to hospital where medics confirmed a diagnosis of a broken leg, together with serious knee damage which required corrective surgery. Shortly afterwards the claimant complained of pain in their left leg too, which means that all round mobility was compromised from that day forward.

Indeed, some five years later and the victim is still walking with the aid of crutches on a daily basis. Needless to say they were unable to return to their previous place of work post-operation due to the levels of pain experienced thereafter, and a year on from the accident their employer took the decision to make the injured party redundant; an action which triggered the initial pursuit of financial compensation.

Speaking after the personal injury claims case came down in their favour, the successful claimant told various news sources that; “The warehouse should never have had piles of boxes obstructing the view, they should have been moved weeks before the incident but my employer ignored the health and safety warnings.”

They went on to add; “My life has been turned upside down; I can’t walk without using crutches and my working career has been cut short. It’s so frustrating for me as the accident shouldn’t have happened – the warehouse should have been clear and the driver should have taken more care.”


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