Top 5 most dangerous jobs in the UK

Although accidents and injuries can happen at any workplace, there are some that are much more dangerous than others.

Below we have identified the top 5 most dangerous jobs and workplaces in the UK, which feature the most accidents and serious injuries.

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tractor on farm

Agricultural workers

The agricultural sector has the highest death rate than any other in the UK, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as the dangerous heavy machinery that is constantly in use on farms, there is also the risk of coming into contact with hazardous substances and chemicals.

There is also a significant risk associated with working outdoors for long periods, particularly the increased likelihood of a slip, trip, or fall. Not to mention the risk of being injured by a farm animal in the process of carrying out your duties.

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building site


Not far off the agricultural industry in terms of serious accidents, injuries and recorded deaths is the construction industry – with builders particularly at risk.

There are many potential risks on building sites, including the dangers posed by heavy machinery and tools, being crushed by heavy loads, struck by moving vehicles, falling from height or being hit by falling masonry or debris – to name just a few.

This is why those working on building sites should always be provided with the appropriate protective clothing.

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Oil rig in russia

Oil rig workers

Perhaps the biggest risk with working on an oil rig, is that you are a long way away from a hospital if you suffer a serious injury, which decreases the chances of survival and thus increases the rate of deaths.

Falling from a height is a very real risk for oil rig workers, as is being injured by heavy machinery.

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lorry on cloudy day

Professional drivers

Those who drive for a living are naturally more at risk of being involved in a road traffic accident purely because they are on the road so much. Lorry drivers, taxi drivers, bus and coach drivers etc… are most likely to suffer injuries following a road accident.

In fact, 25% of all road traffic accidents in the UK involve at least one motorist who was driving for work at the time of the collision.

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garbage trash bin

Bin men

It may seem like a surprise inclusion on this list, but bin men face several very real risks while out working every morning.

Bin men suffer a lot of slip and trip injuries as well as being in constant risk of being hit by another vehicle.


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