Tina Hobley considering personal injury claim against makers of The Jump

As was well documented at the time of the broadcast of the latest series of Channel 4’s ‘The Jump’, a number of the celebrities appearing on the ski-based reality show sustained varying degrees of injury after a catalogue of mishaps and mis-timed mayhem on the slopes.

You might recall that among those TV personalities who suffered the most significant injuries during the making of the prime-time show was Olympic gymnast, Beth Tweddle; whose tumble-taking was so serious that she ended up undergoing neck surgery to correct the damage.

Elsewhere fellow Olympian, swimmer Rebecca Adlington, and former Girls Aloud member Sarah Harding were forced to withdraw from the programme early as a direct result of injuries incurred.

However – and despite mutterings to the effect – none of the participants have so far attempted to seek compensation for the falls (and the subsequent injuries) they endured during their time on ‘The Jump’. Until now that is, as news has broken that ex-Holby City star and former Coronation Street actress Tina Hobley is rumoured to be what sources describe as ‘considering launching legal action against the programme-makers’ in light of the physical injuries she sustained whilst training in the show earlier this year.

After suffering broken arm and dislocated elbow, Tina Hobley reportedly considering suing Channel 4 for negligence

Hobley became the first celebrity to pull out of ‘The Jump’ in the immediate aftermath of dislocating her elbow and breaking her arm in two places after falling during behind-the-scenes practice, which seemingly triggered a domino effect as the list of walking wounded rapidly stacked up thereafter; and which eventually saw more stars withdrawing than at any other time in the show’s history.

Seven celebrities pulled up short in total during the filming of the latest series, where Ben Cohen went on to claim victory, with Channel 4 moving quickly to apologise to those participants who damaged themselves in the line of reality TV-making duty.

Speaking specifically about Hobley’s injuries, Channel 4 (when explaining her injuries) said; “Tina’s fall was caused by simple human error when members of the ground crew failed to clear the outrun. All those involved have been spoken to and extra procedures have now been put in place by the producers to ensure that this will not happen again.”

And that admission of guilt is, it appears, essentially the crux of the matter, and the grounds of liability-declaring in which provides Hobley’s personal injury claim-securing team with a platform to pursue compensation. Not least because as admitted, Channel 4 was allegedly to blame with regards to neglecting their duty of care provisions in the capacity of employers, by allowing Hobley to make the jump, in spite of being advised by experts that it wasn’t safe to do so at the time.

Hobley originally told The Daily Star after the accident that “someone told me to jump and it wasn’t safe to jump. So it wasn’t an accident that was my fault.” With this in mind it’s now believed that Hobley is mulling over making a claim against Channel 4, insisting that the injury she sustained was not her fault. Hobley said; “I’m recovering at the moment… I’ve got a long recovery to go. It will be about a year before I’m back to normal. I’ve got to have two operations. But I don’t know yet what they will be.”

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