Six-figure personal injury claim settlement for teen struck down with potentially fatal E-Coli

First Choice Holidays has been forced to pay-out a six-figure compensation sum to a British teenager who contracted a potentially lethal strain of E-Coli whilst he holidayed with his family in a Turkish resort back in 2010.

Bradie Perkins was 13-years of age when, six years ago, he suddenly became seriously ill during a family get-away in Turkey, which resulted in him suffering what health experts described as irreversible damage to his kidneys due to the killer food bug.

Indeed, according to medics the extent of the damage sustained by his kidneys means that they are still functioning at an alarmingly dangerous two-thirds their normal ability.

Perkins started developing initial symptoms of E-Coli during the last few days of the family holiday in Sarigerme in October 2010, where they stayed in the Holiday Village beach-front resort which is popular with European tourists, yet has since been the subject of an investigation by the BBC’s Watchdog programme.

Explaining to his family that he was feeling increasingly lethargic, Perkins was admitted to hospital on his family’s return to the UK, complaining of severe diarrhoea, stomach cramps and other related gastric symptoms, the combination of which had essentially rendered the teenager dangerously dehydrated.

Bradie Perkins E Coli

Bradie Perkins receiving dialysis treatment – photo: Irwin Mitchell

Clearly concerned with what was responsible for his deteriorating conditions, British doctors wasted no time in conducting various tests to determine what the root cause of Perkin’s sudden onset illness was, and it wasn’t long before a diagnosis of E-Coli was reached, complicated by the presence of the parasite, Giardiasis and a kidney condition referred to as Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome.

Medical experts here in the UK established that Perkins’ kidneys functionality have been so dramatically compromised by these foreign bodies that there remains a possibility that the organs could fail in the future.

As for the tour operator which organised the Perkins’ family’s trip to the Turkish resort, TUI UK Limited (which also goes under the guise of First Choice Holidays), it was reported to have originally denied liability for the illness which befell Bradie.

The holiday provider continued to maintain its official stance throughout the duration of the on-going 5-year claims process, and right up until the recent juncture whereby – with the threat of an imminent trial hanging over it – TUI UK Ltd had a change of heart leading to the six-figure settlement agreed between all parties of late. Yet this was against the backdrop of Bradie informing his family’s legal representatives of circumstantial evidence which pointed to substandard levels of food hygiene being adhered to at the Holiday Village complex, explaining that discarded food from previous meals was regularly re-served the following day and that on occasions cold food platters were topped up with hot food.

Further damning evidence brought against the hotel highlighted how meals were often found to be undercooked, together with a catalogue of instances where the family recorded seeing dishes left uncovered and exposed to a constant stream of insects and even cats, which were routinely observed in the restaurant area.

As if matters couldn’t get any worse, the Perkins’ also noted incidents whereby the swimming pool was closed due to children having defecated in the water, yet not once did they witness the pool being subsequently drained and re-filled.

Speaking about the whole episode back home ion Leicestershire, the A-Level student recalls feeling something wasn’t quite right during those last few days of the holiday, along with the nightmare scenario which ensued when they landed back in the UK.

Remembering his ordeal, Perkins told The Sun how he endured awful symptoms thereafter and the time he spent receiving dialysis treatment in hospital; leading to him being fearful for his own future. A future which saw him forced to let go of his childhood dream of joining the Navy.

Discussing the out of court personal injury compensation he finally received the tour operator just weeks ago, Perkins added; “The settlement gives me peace of mind in that if my kidneys from do fail in the future, that I will be able to get the specialist treatment and support I will need.”

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