How and where do road traffic accidents happen in Liverpool?

To get a clearer understanding of the road traffic accidents that happen in Liverpool, we conducted a study analysing every accident on Liverpool roads that was reported in the Liverpool Echo over the past year.

We carried out the study to answer the following questions:

What date and time are accidents most likely in Liverpool?

What roads and areas in Liverpool are more likely to have car accidents?

What types (make/model) of vehicles are more likely to be involved in Liverpool road traffic accidents?

When and where are car accidents that lead to injuries most likely to happen in Liverpool?

We pored through all the available data to produce this report: Liverpool car crash accident statistics 2015/16

Here’s a quick breakdown of our findings…

Liverpool road traffic accidents are slightly more likely to happen in the spring and summer months, with March and July seeing the highest amount of car crashes on Liverpool roads.

The morning rush hour is by far the most dangerous time to be on Liverpool roads, with more accidents happening before 9am than at any other time of the day.

Queens Drive had more than twice as many road accidents than any other road in Liverpool – with just over 10% of all the car crashes reported happening on Queens Drive.

The L13 postcode, which incorporates Clubmoor, Old Swan, Stoneycroft, Tuebrook had the most accidents over the past year, with almost 16% of the reported accidents happening there.

20.6% of all the accidents that were reported over the past year in Liverpool happened on the motorways, and a massive 41% of those happened on the M56.

Ford and Vauxhall vehicles are by far the most common vehicles to be involved in accidents on Liverpool roads, and of all the road traffic accident reports that were able to identify the model of vehicles involved, 23% of them involved a Ford Focus.

Of all the Liverpool road traffic accidents reported over the past year, 11% of them involved a pedestrian being hit – and subsequently injured – by a vehicle.

From the reported data we reviewed, we found that 71.9% of all road accidents in Liverpool result in at least one person suffering an injury. Injuries from road accidents are more common in May, June and July.

Our research showed that accidents in the morning rush hour are most likely to lead to injuries, with 36% of all injury-causing accidents happening before 9am.