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The Claims Portal, sometimes called the MOJ portal or RTA portal, was first set up to deal with personal injury compensation claims arising from road traffic accidents. It was extended to also deal with Employer’s Liability and Public Liability compensation claims in August 2013.

Now, any personal injury claim between £1,000 and £25,000 that are issued because of incidents that happened after 31 July 2013 have to be submitted to the Claims Portal by the personal injury solicitor.

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Benefits of using the Claims Portal

The purpose of using the Claims Portal is primarily to manage personal injury claims quickly and efficiently – helping to keep claim costs down and speed up the claims process.

Keeping claim costs down

Ever since the reforms to the justice system initiated in 1999 by Lord Woolf, and the subsequent reforms, pursuing small claims – particularly injury claims arising from road traffic accidents – has become more and more expensive. However, if such a claim stays within the Claims Portal process it is very likely to result in much cheaper legal costs.

The Claims Portal process includes strict time limits and deadlines for each stage of the process, which help to keep the claim moving efficiently and reducing the overall legal costs.

The Claims Portal can help in the settlement of more straightforward personal injury claims quickly and within a fixed framework of low costs. For example, compensation claims with a value of up to £10,000 will have fixed costs of £900, and claims of between £10,001-£25,000 have fixed costs of £1600.

Speeding up the claim process

Prior to the Claims Portal system, it could take months or even years to pursue a road traffic accident claim. Now, as all small and medium claims go through the same system it gets rid of all of that red tape that could delay claims – which speeds the whole process up significantly. Now it can take as little as four months or less for a claim to be settled, which is a big improvement on the former average of almost 12 months.

This is an important change to the claims process, as being a victim of a road traffic accident can have a huge personal and financial impact on individuals and their families. Claims that could take years to settle would only add to that suffering, but now it is possible to get a settlement in weeks – even if it is just an interim compensation payout – which can help with treatment, recovery and rehabilitation.

As the Claims Portal is electronic and works digitally, decisions can be reached much more quickly, with information transferred between the Claimant’s and Defendant’s legal teams quickly and efficiently.

The three stages of the Claims Portal process

There are three stages of the Claims Portal process:

Stage 1 – Investigation

First of all, the Claimant’s personal injury solicitor will send a Claim Notification Form (CNF) to the Defendant, who then has 21 days to respond to the claim. The claim will only stay within the portal system if there is no dispute in liability and the Defendant accepts full liability. The Claims Portal is designed to help facilitate the settlement of claims, not to investigate liability and negligence.

Stage 2 – Negotiation

Once liability has been accepted the process moves on to negotiating settlement. The Claimant needs to submit any medical evidence and other documents in support of their injury claim, and state how much they are willing to accept as compensation. The two parties then have 35 days in order to negotiate and come to an agreement regarding compensation.

Stage 3 – Litigation

If the negotiation stage fails ans there is no agreement after the 35 days then the Defendant should pay their final offer of compensation to the Claimant. It is then up to the Claimant to decide whether to pursue the matter by issuing proceedings in order to get a higher amount of compensation.

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