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There are many risks involved with breast implant surgery and all surgeons must take appropriate precautions to minimise the risks and provide proper care to their patients.

Unfortunately, sometimes things do go wrong, and you may end up with bad results because of surgical complications, poor cosmetic results or negligence. If you or a loved one has suffered complications as a result of negligent treatment before, during or after the surgery has taken place then you may have grounds for a compensation claim.

There are a number of ways that things can go wrong – there are horror stories of women’s bodies rejecting the implants and implants going hard or uneven, leaving women feeling in a worse position than they were in before, with potential further surgery to consider. A reputable surgeon will have discussed all of the risks with you beforehand, though in our experience this does not always happen.

Even if the immediate results are good, further down the line there may be problems, an example being the PIP implant scandal, where 47,000 UK women received implants that were potentially dangerous because they were filled with substandard silicone and had double the rupture rate of other implants, resulting in pain and scar tissue in some women.

This is one well-publicised example of what can go wrong – you should be fully informed of all of the risks of breast implant surgery so that you can make an informed decision to go ahead. If you encounter complications as a result of negligence then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

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What complications could form the basis for a claim?

Listed below are some of the most common complications that can occur as a result of negligence and which could form the basis of a claim:

  • Infection
  • Unnecessary scarring as a result of infection
  • Swollen, painful breasts caused by bleeding into the breast tissue
  • Wrinkling of the implant which can be seen or felt through the skin
  • Changes in breast, nipple and surrounding tissue sensation
  • Implant rupture – leaking fluid into the surrounding tissues
  • Hard or oddly shaped breasts caused by capsular contracture, where the normal scar tissue contracts as a result of the body’s immune system responding to and rejecting any foreign objects inside the body
  • Haematoma, which are blood clots within the tissues
  • Implant malposition caused by surgeon error – where the implants are put in an incorrect position, which could be too high, too low, symmastia (implants placed too close together in the centre of the chest) or laterally – too far apart.

Of course, it is not only breast implant surgeries that can go wrong, other types of cosmetic surgery can too – if you have suffered complications as a result of any type of cosmetic surgery then get in touch.

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