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Although they are rare, anaesthetic mistakes can have serious and devastating consequences for patients – causing long term psychological trauma as well as physical pain and even disability.

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Anaesthetic is used in a lot of surgical procedures to help reduce or prevent pain during an operation, and should always be administered by a fully-trained and qualified anaesthetist. There are two different types of anaesthetic which may be used during an operation:

General anaesthetic – this is used to render the patient completely unconscious for the duration of the operation

Local anaesthetic – this is used to ensure the patient doesn’t feel any pain around the area that is being operated on

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Anaesthetic errors

They may be rare, but unfortunately anaesthetic mistakes do happen. Some of the more common form of errors include:

  • Anaesthetic dosage errors
  • Intubation mistakes and errors
  • Failures in anaesthetic delivery
  • Patient monitoring errors (eg failing to monitor oxygen during surgery)
  • Failure to treat patient complications
  • Leaving an anaesthetised patient unattended
  • Recovery room errors
  • Equipment failures and poor maintenance of anaesthetic equipment
  • Failure to equipment checks before and during surgery
  • Poor communication between medical staff
  • Poor medical care (lack of training, over-tired staff, negligent care)
  • Contaminated anaesthesia drugs
  • Contaminated anaesthetic delivery equipment.

Whatever the reason for the error, if the hospital or medical institution treating you is found to be negligent then you could be entitled to make a No Win No Fee* compensation claim.

Anaesthetic mistake compensation claim types

Depending on the error, when it was made and what treatment you were undergoing at the time, an anaesthetic mistake could lead to a variety of different problems:

Anaesthetic awareness claims

If you are still awake during an operation it can be a very frightening and traumatic event. In such cases patients can still feel pain while also having a sensation of being completely helpless. This can lead to very serious and long term psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and even PTSD.

Anaesthetic nerve damage claims

If anaesthetics are accidentally injected into the spinal cord or nerves, it can cause nerve damage that can lead to painful ongoing injuries.

Patients can be left with severe pain from these injuries and even serious long term disability.

Anaesthetic stroke and brain damage claims

Mistakes made by medical professionals while patients are under anaesthetics can lead to very serious problems such as brain damage or stroke. Such a serious risk can arise if the patients blood pressure or oxygen intake is not correctly regulated during the operation.

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