Personal injury claims for members of Nuclear-protecting police force revealed

Civil Nuclear Police logoOn account of the Civil Nuclear Constabulary being charged with officially overseeing the safeguarding of the UK’s civil nuclear industry and concerns – focusing on securing various sites across the country and in-transit materials – you’d perhaps be mistaken for thinking that any personal injuries which befall employees might be of the extremely dangerous/potentially lethal nature.

But this isn’t quite the case according to recent stats released, which show that contrary to our initial thoughts, turning into the Incredible Hulk wouldn’t necessarily be the average case which would trigger personal injury claims filed by employees, but instead rather less exciting incidents are the norm.

For example, staff members colliding with a statue of a dog, being burnt by boiling water spilling from a leaking Thermos flask, slipping on wet grass and tripping over pieces of discarded wood are the main causes of injury claims, as opposed to more Homer Simpson-esque mishaps involving plutonium rods. report that literally hundreds of thousands have been paid-out in the form of compensation to both serving officers and support staff over the past 5 years with direct regards to injuries they have sustained while participating in police training exercises.

Making a point of confirming that none of the ensuing claims following incidents which took place during active service for the Civil Nuclear force, the Police Oracle’s findings nevertheless make for interesting reading to the casual observer.

Although some cases are still referred to as being on-going, so far – and in relation to financial recompense being metered out to successful claimants since 2011 – a sum said to be close to £140,000 has been distributed to victims to date, including the aforementioned examples.

Silver thermos flask

Hot water dripping out of a Thermos flask caused one personal injury claim

Evidence which has since been made public purports to one case – mentioned earlier – whereby an officer was awarded a figure of £8,688 in monetary settlement after being subjected to boiling water making contact with their skin, after a hot drink-containing Thermos flask the claimant was taking to his colleagues leaked.

Elsewhere an ‘aggressive foot stamp’ another officer was on the receiving end of by a training partner whilst participating in a specific exercise, led to a £1,000 pay-out. A similar personal injury claim payout was established in light of the officer who tripped over a wooden panel which had been discarded on one site.

Meanwhile the episode of the CNC officer who injured themselves when coming into contact with a canine statue located outside the constabulary’s kennels is said to be one of those still awaiting an official outcome.

Other cases which could have resulted in more devastating injuries to those involved include the cases of officers accidently shot by colleagues during firearms practice, such as the documented incident which saw one individual being shot on the side of their face by a colleague while undertaking routine rifle training.

Speaking to the Police Oracle, Detective Chief Constable, Simon Chesterman emphasises the crucial role CNC officers and ancillary staff play, saying;

“Our officers carry out a highly specialised and important role in the nuclear environment, which is vital to the security of the nation”.

He went on to add;

“If an officer or member of staff is injured during the course of their role, be it while carrying out firearms training or one duty at one of the sites we police, we have a duty of care to them and their welfare. Individuals also have a responsibility for their own safety but where they believe the constabulary, as their employer, has a case to answer, the law entitles them to pursue a claim.”


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