North Wales health board could potentially face £90million personal injury claims bill

According to a recent report which has come to light and which focuses its attentions specifically on continuing claims filed against a North Wales health board, almost 800 individual cases of either personal injury claims or clinical negligence currently remain open.

The shocking findings were revealed within a report to Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, whereby mention was given of some 790 as yet still contested claims, which if all were settled in full would amount to a sum in excess of £90 million in compensation.

Scrutinising the claims in closer detail and it emerges that 670 were lodged against the local health authority with direct regard to accusations of clinical negligence, while a further 120 stemmed from personal injury grievances which remained in the throes of being fully investigated. Speaking about the extent of case reviews, Betsi Cadwaladr’s health board explained that its established protocol and procedure was to carefully review all incidents recorded so as to work towards the prevention of future incidents of a similar nature.

On approaching the relevant parties concerned with progressing and potentially settling the on-going claims made against the health board, it’s been confirmed that 82 (of the 670) clinical cases brought by injured parties are set to award victims financial recompense, which would equate to a figure of £64.9 million being subsequently paid out to cover both costs and damages.

Breaking the maths down further, and sources suggest that nine of the claims were valued at over £1 million, with the most significant case contested being worth £9.6 million; and bearing reference to a tragic instance whereby an infant suffered a brain injury believed to have been onset by delivery delays at birth. A total of seven of the nine claims valued at in excess of £1 million cite pregnancy issues.

Meanwhile 37 claim outcomes were predicted as falling into the ‘probable’ category (when it comes to being successful or not), where a forecast pot of £24.9 million would need to be accessed.

Interesting to note that the health board in question’s public liability is capped at a maximum of £25,000 for each individual claim, which means that the remainder would essentially be met by Welsh Risk Pool insurance, which as its role as a centralised fund can be plundered by health service providers throughout the Principality.

It seems that it’s not just health authorities who are footing bills for substantial compensation claims of late, as it’s been discovered elsewhere that nigh on £4.5 million was paid out by welsh councils (and their insurers) collectively during the last 2 years, again thanks to new reports shedding light on the situation.

A range of cases involving an extensive cross-section of cause and effects were highlighted, flagging up the sublime to the ridiculous, with the following episode belonging in the latter camp for obvious reasons.

Apparently Newport council compensated a cyclist for the sum of £375 after they lost a case whereby said cyclist claimed damages for a poorly maintained pathway situated in the county. The claim ostensibly being brought against the offending party after the cyclist had ‘come into contact with stingy nettles’.


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