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CL Legal offer legal representation on a No Win No Fee* basis, making justice more accessible and affordable for everyone.

If you have been injured following an accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation. As we work on a No Win No Fee* basis, we will assess your claim and tell you whether you have a case to proceed for compensation. We will then look after all the aspects of your claim and help you through the entire process, with no financial risk to you whatsoever.

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What is No Win No Fee*?

The term No Win No Fee* describes an agreement between you, the Claimant, and your Solicitor which means that if you make a compensation claim which is not successful then you Solicitor will not receive any payment for the work they have done on your claim.

If your compensation claim is successful then your Solicitor will be paid part of their fees by the other (liable) party – which is usually an insurance company.

No Win No Fee* is therefore a form of pursuing a claim for compensation without any financial risk to the Claimant, meaning legal representation is more affordable and accessible to everyone.

How much do No Win No Fee* solicitors take?

Only if and when your claim is settled in your favour will your Solicitor be paid for the work they did in bringing your claim to Court.

These pre-agreed costs are typically calculated as a percentage of your compensation payout and are paid out of your compensation award. The document that sets out the details of the arrangement is called the CFA or the Conditional Fee Agreement. This is a formal, legally binding written agreement between you and your Solicitor.

The actual amount of money paid to your Solicitor out of your compensation is different on a case by case basis. It is therefore important to seek confirmation from your Solicitor at the earliest opportunity regarding their success fees.

Conditional Fee Agreements

Conditional fee agreements have two important features. The first is that solicitors can charge a success fee so, in the event of a successful claim, they will be paid. The success fee is currently capped at 25% of the damages awarded.

The second feature of a conditional fee agreement is that the unsuccessful party are usually responsible for paying the successful party’s costs. So if you lose your case, you may be liable to pay your opponents solicitors basic costs. However, when entering into an agreement, you should be taking out an 'after the event' insurance policy which would cover your opponent's costs if you were to lose.

If you win your claim, you pay our basic charges, our expenses and disbursements and a success fee together with the premium for any insurance you take out. You are entitled to seek recovery from your opponent of part or all of our basic charges and our expenses and disbursements, but not the success fee or any insurance premium. 

It may be that your opponent makes a formal offer to settle your claim which you reject on our advice, and your claim for damages goes ahead to trial where you recover damages that are less than that offer. If this happens, we will not claim any costs for the work done after we received notice of the offer or payment. In these circumstances, you may be ordered to pay your opponent’s costs, but only up to the amount of damages and interest awarded to you. 

Expenses and Disbursements

If you receive interim damages, we may require you to pay our expenses and disbursements at that point and a reasonable amount for our future expenses and disbursements. 

If you receive provisional damages, we are entitled to payment of our basic charges, our expenses and disbursements and success fee at that point. 

If you win overall but on the way lose an interim hearing, you may be required to pay your opponent’s charges of that hearing, but usually only up to the amount of damages awarded to you. 

If on the way to winning or losing you are awarded any costs, by agreement or court order, then we are entitled to payment of those costs, together with a success fee on those charges if you win overall. 

What do I pay if I lose?

If you lose you will normally have the benefit of Qualified One-Way Cost Shifting so the court will not usually enforce an order for costs against you, unless: 

  • the proceedings have been struck out; or 
  • the claim is fundamentally dishonest; or 
  • the claim includes a claim for the financial benefit of someone else.

If you lose, you do not pay our charges (but we may require you to pay our expenses and disbursements). 

Contingency Fees

Contingency fees are the second type of no win no fee arrangement and are generally more straightforward. The usual practice for this arrangement is that the solicitor will take a percentage out of the compensation awarded in a successful claim.

These arrangements are mainly used in simple and straightforward cases and are popular for employment law claims.

Benefits of no win no fee arrangements

The main benefit of entering into a no win no fee arrangement is that people can do so without the worry or financial strain. In addition, there are no unexpected costs during the claims process so it provides a risk free method of claiming compensation.

What can I make a No Win No Fee* claim for?

CL Legal offers No Win No Fee* agreements for all forms of personal injury compensation claims. If you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else, then you could be entitled to make claim for compensation.

If your injury is the fault of someone else, then you could be entitled to a compensation payout to help with any financial losses you have incurred because of your injury e.g. loss of earnings, treatment and rehabilitation costs, travel costs etc… You may also be entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have incurred because of their negligence.

No Win No Fee* arrangements mean that everyone can make an injury compensation claim if they are entitled to do so without worrying about any financial losses.

No Win No Fee*

We work on a No Win No Fee* basis, so if you're claim is not successful you don't pay anything.

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