Mesothelioma is still the biggest workplace killer in the UK

As World Cancer Day 2016 was globally marked recently, it materialised that Mesothelioma is still recognised as the biggest workplace killer here in the UK.

February the 4th was the annual day that the world came together to acknowledge the disease (in its various shapes and forms) which remains amongst the most significant threats to society’s health, and wherever victims (and survivors) are located on planet earth. And as people from all walks of life observed this 24 hour window of opportunity to propel cancer at the top of the global agenda, in Britain we discovered that asbestos-related cancers pose the most prevalent of threats to the health and wellbeing of British employees.

According to the latest figures compiled, in excess of 2,500 employees receive potentially devastating mesothelioma diagnosis each year, although symptoms themselves can take almost four decades to physically present.

This fatal form of cancer typically lies dormant in victims’ bodies for any number of years after exposure to asbestos; the cheap and plentiful building material which was in common use throughout the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s in schools, factories and office buildings, and if and when unsettled releases microfibers which are inhaled by a workforce and take up residence in their lungs.

Despite being outlawed as a building material in the 1990s, the legacy of decades of unwitting exposure means that the far-reaching effects (and essentially, the number of eventual victims who will succumb to Mesothelioma) is largely incalculable.

Health experts believe that we are yet to witness the peak of asbestos-related cancer fatalities due to the delayed passage of time which needs to elapse before signs and symptoms begin to show in those affected, which is why it’s imperative that campaigning to raise awareness of asbestos-related cancers and diseases gathers momentum.

In addition to this, it’s equally crucial that calls for stringent measures to remove remaining asbestos from working environments, school buildings and anywhere else where it’s been used is both quick, efficient and safely handled and dealt with by experienced professionals.

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