Merseyside Holidaymaker Seeks Personal Injury Compensation after Falling Ill with Stomach Bug While in Crete

A holidaymaker from Widnes is seeking compensation after falling ill with what was later confirmed as a case of salmonella on his return to the UK last August.

Suspecting food poisoning not long after he started feeling unwell whilst staying in the Iberostar Creta Panorama and Mare hotel in Crete, Colin Lewis’s initial fears were proved right when he visited his GP, who diagnosed that the claimant had contracted a salmonella infection during his stay in the aforementioned hotel, and subsequently prescribed a course of treatment thereafter. Lewis was still seemingly fighting the infection after arriving back in Britain from his Jet2holidays get-away in August 2015 and consequently remained off work for 2 weeks to recover fully.

Originally becoming ill whilst away, the extent of his sickness led him to see a hotel doctor, which he was later billed for. As it materialised Lewis wasn’t the only person struck down with the stomach bug which typically presents itself when poor food hygiene is cited, as the Nicholson family from Wirral also complained of what they described as ‘severe gastric problems’ during their stay in the same hotel and at the same time as Lewis; although had booked their holiday through a different travel operator.

In the event both families agreed that food hygiene standards was poor, best illustrated when explaining that they witnessed a number of incidents which raised questions as to the importance that catering employees of the hotel held health and safety in. Notably episodes of food being left uncovered, prepared food being undercooked and fresh food being added to old food on occasion.

Telling of how he first succumbed to illness halfway through his holiday, Lewis told that; “I was barely eating and I just wasn’t getting any better – I knew I had to visit a doctor. I still didn’t feel 100% myself when I got home and thought it best to visit my doctor.”

Despite taking time off work on his return home, Lewis admits that he’s still not what he might call 100% and says that he’s still suffering with some of the symptoms. Not wanting to let the matter lie, and demanding the why’s and wherefores of what triggered his illness, Lewis went on to add; “You really don’t ever expect something like this to happen to you on your holiday and it was devastating to see my holiday ruined like this. I want answers to the questions we have about what caused the illness.”

It’s with this in mind that Lewis approached legal experts to act on his behalf and represent him going forward with his claim for personal injury against the Crete-based hotel. For its part, Jet2 have gone on record as saying; “The health and safety of our customers is extremely important to us and we are exploring the claim from Mr Lewis fully,” while a spokesperson for Iberostar Hotels and Resorts has confirmed that a ‘virus stomach flu’ did prevail and affect in the region of 50 holidaymakers at the destination currently under investigation last August.

Eager to put holidaymakers’ minds at rest with regards to the hotel reacting to the situation to the best of its abilities, the spokesperson stressed that; “As soon as the hotels management knew about the first guest affected, they immediately activated an action plan including two levels of action: ensuring of taking care of the affected guests and controlling and auditing both the food and drink served at the hotels and the hygiene in public areas.” They also went on to detail how GP’s regularly consulted with affected parties throughout and how they put into place a range of health and safety protocols to stop the spread of the bug.


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