Industrial deafness compensation amounts


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If you are exposed to excessive noise at work, then you may be able to make a claim for compensation.

To do so you will need to establish that your employer was negligent and failed to uphold their legal duty at the time you were exposed to the noise. If negligence is established, you will be eligible to pursue a claim for compensation. But how much compensation will you be entitled to for industrial deafness?

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How much compensation for industrial deafness?

There are several factors that will need to be taken into account in order to determine how much compensation you could be entitled to for an industrial deafness claim.

The severity of your subsequent hearing loss i.e. whether it is temporary or permanent, whether you have a long-lasting condition such as tinnitus, whether you have noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) in one or both of your ears etc...

The effect your hearing loss has on your day to day life will also be taken into account, so whether it affects your social life, mental wellbeing, ability to work, requires you to wear hearing aids and so on.

As a general guide to how much you could win, we've collated some guideline industrial deafness compensation amounts below*:


  • Occasional tinnitus with slight hearing loss: £6,000 – £10,600
  • More frequent and severe tinnitus and hearing loss: £10,500 – £25,000
  • Severe tinnitus and more serious hearing loss: £25,000 – £38,000


  • Complete hearing loss in one ear with tinnitus: up to £38,000
  • Complete deafness in both ears with tinnitus: up to £92,000
  • Complete deafness in both ears and loss of speech (usually when the hearing loss occurs at a young age): up to £118,000

*the above figures are to be used as a guideline only

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