How to avoid motorcycle accidents


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There are some people out there who are motorcycle enthusiasts. Their bike is a way of life and they spend most of their time (and money!) dedicated to biking.

However, with the recession, more and more people are turning to motorcycles, scooters and mopeds as they are much more affordable to run than a car.

In addition, they can be more convenient and less susceptible to traffic jams!

In the UK, motorcyclists make up only 1% of traffic on the roads but they account for 18% of fatalities and serious injuries, which usually occur after collisions with vehicles on the road.

Two wheels offer a lot less stability than four and there is very little to protect the rider and to absorb the impact in the event of the collision.

As a motorcyclist, you are 40 times more likely to be killed in an accident than a car driver.

These worrying statistics make it even more important that motorcyclists and other road users take all the necessary safety precautions whilst on the road.

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Safety tips for motorcyclists

  • Wear reflective clothing – this includes fluorescent or hi-viz jackets and helmets
  • Maintain a reasonable speed – doing this will allow you to slow down and stop in plenty of time should you need to
  • Be careful when overtaking – many accident occur when motorcyclists are trying to overtake. You should ensure that you can see the road ahead clearly before doing so and never attempt to overtake at a corner or at a bend in the road.
  • Stay alert – you should always stay alert when on the road but you should take extra care when at roundabouts and junctions where you often need to pre-empt other road users
  • Find a safe position on the road – this is usually in the centre of the lane
  • Give other drivers notice – give drivers plenty of time to respond when you are preparing to turn by always using your indicators

Safety tips for other road users

  • Be extra careful at roundabouts and junctions – always check your mirrors and over your should before pulling off in any direction, being sure to look twice for cyclists
  • Stay calm – if a motorcyclist performs an irresponsible manoeuvre, stay calm and don’t react. Remember, motorcyclists are much more vulnerable on their bikes tha you are in your car
  • Check before opening your doors – to ensure that motorcyclists are not passing close by
  • Be cautious when overtaking – give a motorcyclist the same amount of room you’d allow for overtaking another car, despite them being significantly smaller
  • Check mirrors before pulling off – to make sure that no motorcyclists are near by

What to do after a motorcycle accident

Like all road traffic accidents, there are certain things that should be done:

  • Stop – leaving the scene of an accident is an offence and you could land yourself in serious trouble if you do so.
  • Call the emergency services – accidents involving motorcyclists are often much more serious and so calling the necessary emergency services as soon as possible is vital
  • Exchange details – name, address, contact number and insurance details should be exchanged between any drivers involved in a collision
  • Gather evidence – things like date, time, location, weather conditions and the vehicles/cycles involved are all things that should be noted down. Take photographs where possible.

How to make a motorcycle accident compensation claim

Following a road traffic collision where a motorcyclist is involved, whether you are the cyclist or the driver of a car involved, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible.

A solicitor will then talk you through the claims process and advise and guide you the best that they can.

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