Holidaymaker launches personal injury claim after breaking leg in strong sea

A Wigan man has filed for compensation in acknowledgement of the injuries he suffered after being overcome by a powerful wave whilst holidaying in Cape Verde.

Rene Dickinson has taken the tour operator to task on the grounds of neglecting to flag up the dangers presented by the strong sea around the hotel complex where he was staying when the incident took place.

Describing to local news sources how he was – in his own words – rendered ‘black and blue’ on emerging from the water at the 5-star Riu Touareg resort located in Boa Vista back in 2012, 48-year old Dickinson is in the process of suing TUI Ltd (which operates both Thomson and First Choice Holidays) for the extent of the injuries he sustained which culminated in a fractured leg.

The qualified rescue diver’s injuries were so bad that he had to be airlifted back to the UK three days after the incident in question, which he fervently believed could have been potentially avoided if there had been clearer warnings highlighting the dangers posed by the waters on the beach.

Subsequently being diagnosed with a fractured femur on his return to Britain, Dickinson later underwent surgery and a series of blood transfusions at Salford Royal Hospital to correct the damage caused by the powerful wave which overcame him on the Cape Verde beach.

For its part the tour operator declined to accept liability for the injuries, along with those which were sustained by three unrelated holidaymakers who experienced similar injuries at the same time; which ultimately provoked Dickinson and the other claimants to pursue separate personal injury claims against the TUI Ltd.

One of the other trio is Margaret Nuckley from the Isle of Wight, who also experienced a leg fracture after being struck a body blow by an equally violent wave when coming out of the water at the same resort in September 2012; and who admits that they still find walking a challenge some three years later.

The third member of the trio of compensation-seekers is Joanne Hunt, who speaks of being hospitalised for two months after picking up a serious spinal injury in the same waters during a week-long get-away. Hunt also had to endure living with a brace for a period afterwards as she rehabilitated.

All three claimants are basing their personal injury claims on grounds of the tour operator’s failure to provide what they felt was appropriate warning signs, which would clearly indicate if and when the water was safe to enter at that specific time and place.

Speaking with Dickinson stressed that there were no red flags (alluding to dangerous waters) present the day he was injured in the sea, and reiterated that being a proficient and experienced swimmer he felt he’d be OK to take a dip where he did.

Dickinson went on to add; “However, as I was coming out of the sea, I was hit by a wave which was so powerful that it fractured my leg. People also told me there were others injured by the waves which were far too strong for people to be swimming.”

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