Ex-foundry worker secures substantial £1.6 million personal injury settlement

A foundry worker who lost his leg as a direct consequence of an industrial accident in his place of employment has been awarded a seven figure financial settlement, and which is understood to represent one of the largest pay-outs ever achieved by the Unite union which helped the claimant secure this compensation.

The sum, believed to be some £1.6 million, was also eventually realised with the professional support and guidance of a personal injury claims solicitor, and was awarded in recognition of the anonymous injured party sustaining the life-changing injury in 2014.

As a result of the devastating incident involving the individual in question – which manifested after a significantly weighty metal component fell and subsequently crushed the claimant’s left leg during a shift at a workplace located in north-east England – said leg was so damaged by the impact that medics were left with no other choice than to amputate the limb above the knee.

While the successful claimant reserves the right to their anonymity, they have recently spoken to news sources explaining just what the massive pay-out means to them and their family as they continue to face up to an otherwise uncertain future, post-personal injury.

The 58-year old described how the lifestyle-altering injury they sustained has changed their day-to-day existence beyond recognition, while also admitting that the pain – both of a physical and psychological nature – remains a constant.

What’s more, they confirmed that they’d never be in a position to return to any form of employment due to the extent of the injury, saying; “I am slowly coming to terms with my injury which means I will never work again. I still have to use a wheelchair, when I am unable to use my prosthetic leg, to get around and this has caused huge problems as my wife also has a disability.”

This double blow for the family means that the couple are hugely dependent on immediate family and relatives for on-going support and care, with the former foundry employee hoping that their particular high-profile case will serve to underline the vital role that Health and Safety plays in all working environments.

Highlighting the importance of union membership in many employment sectors, Unite went on to reveal further news that it helped those injured in the workplace to a combined personal injury payout totalling almost £10 million in 2015, for members based in the north-east, Yorkshire and Humberside region alone.

Expressing their delight at the series of events which led to the unnamed foundry worker being handed this bumper (yet wholly justifiable) settlement sum, Unite’s Regional Secretary, Karen Reay added; “While the headline figure appears large, it has to take into account the scale of the disability, the loss of possible future earnings, the need for special housing accommodation, the requirement for ongoing care and the provision of prosthetics for the rest of his life.”


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