Dental negligence payouts - how much compensation can you claim?

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There are many forms of dental negligence, from minor errors to more severe issues that lead to painful, debilitating and long-lasting problems for the patient.

As such, compensation payouts for dental negligence can range depending on the severity of the injury or worsened condition - as well as whether it has affected your ability to continue to work and lead your normal day-to-day life.

Below we have outlined some example compensation payouts you can use as a guideline. It must be stressed that these figures should be viewed as an estimate only and that your claim could be different depending on your individual circumstances. For more information read our personal injury claims payout guide and Judicial College guidelines.

Dental negligence payout examples

  • Payout for damaged back teeth (molar or premolar) - if you lose a back tooth or they are seriously damaged you could be entitled to claim compensation per tooth of between: £950 - £1,500
  • Payout for damaged front teeth (canines and incisors) - as the front teeth are more visible, any damage or the loss of a tooth can have a far greater cosmetic effect to the patient. Therefore the potential compensation payout tends to be higher for these claims and can be between: £1,500 - £3,500

Below is an outline of compensation payouts you could expect for just the loss of teeth.

  • Loss of one tooth: Around £1,500
  • Loss of front teeth: Around £1,500 - £3,500
  • Loss of two teeth: Around £3,000
  • Loss of two or more front teeth: Around £2,500 - £7,000
  • Loss of further teeth: Around an extra £1,000 for each further tooth
  • Fractured jaw and loss of teeth: Around £4,000 - £25,000

Below is a guideline of estimated compensation payouts for dental negligence claims not involving tooth loss or damage.

  • Jaw injury payouts - this can range from simple fractures to irreparable bones loss through badly performed surgical procedures: £5,000 - £50,000
  • Cheekbone injury payouts - again this can range from minor fractures and breaks to more serious loss of bones: £2,000 - £12,000

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Common causes of damage to teeth

As well as dental negligence, teeth, gums and the jaw can be damaged in a number of different types of accidents.

Some of the more common types of accident that lead to dental compensation claims include:

Road traffic accidents: The impact of a car crash can often result in the driver hitting their head on the steering wheel, leading to broken, damaged teeth or fractured jaws.

Physical assault: This is a popular cause of cosmetic injury claims to the teeth as well as the face and rest of the body.

Slip, trip and falls: Falling over is another common cause of head injuries, which can include damage to the teeth.

Dental negligence: There are many different forms of dental negligence that can lead to damage to the teeth and gums. These can include:

  • Failed implants
  • Poor root canal therapy
  • Injury involving crowns, implants or veneers
  • Damage to facial nerves or jaw during a dental procedure
  • Failing to warn patients of the risks involved in dental treatment
  • Extraction of the wrong tooth

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