Asbestosis sufferer who worked as a pipefitter wins compensation

A pipefitter from Leicestershire who came into sustained contact with unsettled asbestos over an 18 year period of employment for an engineering firm has been awarded compensation, it’s recently emerged.

From 1968 to 1986, Michael Adcock’s job resulted in him unwittingly being exposed to the harmful substance for a prolonged passage of time, and which ultimately saw him develop the potentially fatal asbestos-related disease, asbestosis.

With the help of the Unite Union’s Legal Services experts and a company of solicitors, Adcock won his case after his team proved his employer had been negligent after they lodged a personal injury claim on a provisional damages basis.

Adcock originally instructed both Unite and his solicitors to file for compensation against his former employer in the wake of receiving his asbestosis diagnosis, which was the legacy of working for many years in the vocational capacity of a boiler refurbisher, whereby the very products he refurbished were essentially insulated with asbestos.

Within the remit of his role, Adcock would routinely remove asbestos-comprising lagging materials manually from boilers, often working in confined spaces, which without him knowing permitted asbestos dust particles to freely circulate in his personal work space and subsequently settle on both his hair and clothing at the time.

His former employer neglected to provide Adcock with any suitable protection which would have prohibited him inhaling asbestos dust whilst carrying out his job, neither warned him of the potential risks involved in working in such close proximity to this dangerous substance.

In fact, it was 4 years before his employer afforded Adcock with any protective measures according to findings. Describing this period Adcock said; “It’s safe to say that I spent years working quite ignorantly with asbestos, not knowing the damage it could cause to my health. I guess by the time my employer had warned us about the dangers it was quite literally too little too late.”

The first inkling that Adcock had that his health might have been impacted by his former employment was when he was said to have started to experience shortness of breath, in the aftermath of which he visited his GP who in turn referred him to a hospital consultant to undergo further tests.

It was these procedures which established that Adcock had been adversely affected by exposure to asbestos, confirmed by his asbestosis diagnosis. Generally accepted to be a progressive lung disease and ultimately incurable, research tells us that asbestosis is caused by excessive and lengthy periods of exposure to asbestos.

Unite Union who helped represent Adcock as he sought to claim financial recompense for the suffering and pain which came about by being unlawfully subjected to asbestos exposure through his line of work, said; “Michael, like many thousands of other industrial workers, worked unknowingly about the dangers of asbestos, which has caused irreversible damage to their health”.

A Unite spokesperson went on to conclude; “Michael should have never worked unprotected but through his trade union membership he has had access to free, specialist legal expertise and has secured compensation for his employer’s wrongdoing.”

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