A Guide to Making Hazardous Substance Claims


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There are many hazardous substances which are present in many working environments and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that safety procedures are followed to make the workplace as safe as possible for all employees.

If hazardous substances are present in an environment, and health and safety protocols are not followed appropriately, individuals are at risk of developing injuries and illnesses due to being exposed to these substances.

If you think you have been exposed to a hazardous substance due to someone else’s negligent behaviour, you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

All employees must be given adequate and sufficient training in health and safety to ensure that they are at the least risk possible of being exposed to hazardous substances in the workplace. It is also the responsibility of the employers to issue all employees with the correct personal protective clothing, whilst ensuring that they are worn. In addition, an employer must ensure that all safety equipment is adequate and in full working order.

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Injuries commonly associated with hazardous substances

There are a large number of ways which an individual can be exposed to harmful or hazardous substances in both the workplace and a public area. For example, a person may suffer with food poisoning after visiting a restaurant where harmful substances were present.

Some of the most common injuries and illnesses sustained after being exposed to hazardous substances and claims that could be made are:

  • Environmental health – in our modern world, harmful fumes and chemicals are often released into the atmosphere due to industrial or agricultural processes. Because of this, crops or drinking water can become contaminated which then result in serious health conditions for anyone who consumes them.
  • Cigarette smoke – though the amount of people who are exposed to second hand smoke is much less since the smoking ban came in to place, there are still instances where this occurs. You may be able to make a claim for compensation if you have developed a health condition as a direct result of inhaling second hand smoke.
  • Food poisoning – when dining out at a restaurant, you would assume that all catering staff are trained to follow strict hygiene procedures and that all food is cook thoroughly, making it safe to eat. However, this is not always the case and food poisoning is an extremely common occurrence. In more severe cases of food poisoning, a sufferer can be left with serious lifelong health problems.

How to make a claim

If you have been exposed to a harmful or hazardous substance and sustained a health problem as a direct result of this, then you should seek legal advice as soon as possible as it likely you can make a claim for compensation.

In order to make a claim, it must be provable that your exposure to the hazardous substance was due to someone else’s negligence and not your own. In addition, it must be provable that the injury or illness you sustained was as a direct result of this negligence.

There are strict time limits in place for claiming compensation, so if you believe you have a claim, you should speak to a solicitor as soon as possible, who will then assist you in proceeding.

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