£1 million awarded to man after medical negligence leaves him partially paralysed

Personal injury solicitors have helped a man secure more that £1 million after he has been left partially paralysed due to medical negligence at Warwick Hospital.

The 61-year-old man had gone into hospital for a routine operation on his hip where he was given an epidural in his back to ease the pain.

Four days after the procedure, the man returned to Warwick Hospital suffering with severe back pain. Staff at the hospital failed to carry out adequate tests to determine the cause of the gentleman’s pain, especially so soon after his surgery.

The man was admitted to hospital and had an MRI scan two days later. The scan revealed that the pain was caused by a large abscess on his spine. He was taken into theatre as an emergency to drain the abscess but unfortunately the infection had caused paraplegia.

If the MRI scan had been carried out earlier, the life changing injuries that the man sustained could have been avoided.

Before the gentleman underwent his initial hip surgery, he was very active and enjoyed football, running and shooting. However, the 61-year-old now has to use a wheelchair and has been told that he will never walk again without assistance. He is also now incontinent and has suffered numerous urinary tract infections.

In addition to the physical effects that the medical negligence has had, the man’s mental health has also suffered and he has had many bouts of depression.

Thompsons Solicitors took on his case, and they went on to secure the man more than £1 million as well as interim payments prior to the final settlement.

Commenting on his situation, the man said: “My way of life has been turned upside down by this injury. I was an active, independent man and very happy in my job, but now I’ve been forced to take medical retirement and am reliant on family members to help me every day, which is both upsetting and frustrating. 

“While I have learnt to live with my injuries, the compensation I have received thanks to Thompsons has made my life more comfortable. Leaving our long-term family home was upsetting but my quality of life is much improved in a bungalow and without the compensation Thompsons secured, this wouldn’t have been possible.”

Thompson Solicitors’ Michael Burrell said: “Our client is an incredibly positive and determined man. He has gone through unimaginable amounts of trauma due to negligence at Warwick Hospital; his way life has changed beyond recognition but he is adamant that his injuries won’t completely stop him from setting himself new goals and challenges. 

Burrell concluded: “If he had had an MRI scan when he was first re-admitted to hospital, this awful situation could have been avoided.”

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