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Accident at work solicitor Liverpool

This relates to any accident that occurs at work or during the course of your employment resulting in a personal injury.

If you have been involved in such an accident and it wasn’t your fault then one of our qualified and experienced solicitors will be able to assist you in making a No Win No Fee claim for compensation.

Sometimes these claims can be tricky in so far as individuals do not always feel comfortable making a claim against their employer but each employer will have Employer Liability Insurance and it will therefore be their insurance company that will deal with the claim.

It is an employer’s duty to ensure they provide each employee with a safe environment and system of work.

This includes making sure that machinery and tools are maintained and fit for purpose; work stations are safe and suitable for each employee; appropriate training and advice is given to all employees; and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is provided to each employee.

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Am I eligible to make an accident at work claim?

If you have suffered an injury after a work accident that wasn’t your fault, then you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

All employers are expected to put safeguards in place to prevent workplace accidents, however despite this accidents can and do happen. If you are injured at work due to the negligence of your employer then you could be entitled to make an accident at work injury claim.

Here in the UK, it is the legal responsibility of business owners and employers to maintain a safe working environment for their employees. The Health and Safety regulations state that employers must have insurance policies in place and make sure they meet their welfare and safety obligations.

If your accident was caused by your employer failing to meet their responsibilities then you could receive compensation for your injuries by making a claim.

In some circumstances you could be entitled to make a compensation claim even if you were partly responsible for your injury – so whatever the circumstances of your accident it is always worth getting in touch to discuss your potential claim in detail.

Examples of accidents at work

Accidents at work can happen in a variety of ways, and cause a wide range of different injuries.

Some examples of common workplace accidents that can lead to successful compensation claims are…

  • Slipping and Tripping accidents in the workplace
  • Accidents caused by faulty machinery/tools
  • Accidents caused due to the absence of PPE
  • Accidents caused due to dangerous work practices and procedures
  • Falling from a height
  • Falling objects
  • Noxious environment or toxic substances
  • Co-workers negligence
  • Physical assault at work


What to do if you have been involved in an Accident at Work?

  • Report the accident to your employer/Supervisor/Health and Safety Officer
  • Seek medical treatment for your injuries either with your GP or hospital
  • Take photographs of the hazard that caused your accident.
  • Are there any witnesses to the accident? Obtain their contact details.
  • Keep receipts/details of all out of pocket expense you have incurred as a direct result of this accident e.g. loss of earnings/medical costs/prescription charges/damaged clothing etc.


What happens next?

Contact us and one of our dedicated Solicitors will be able to guide you through the legal process from start to finish with the least disruption to you.

Please note that strict time frames apply when making any Personal Injury Claim so time is of the essence.

Your case will be dealt with on a No Win No Fee Basis*


*meaning you pay nothing if your claim is unsuccessful

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Contact our expert personal injury solicitors today

How much compensation can I claim for an accident at work?

The amount of compensation you could be awarded for an accident at work claim depends on a variety of factors, particularly the severity of the injury and the effect it has on your day-to-day life and your future earning potential.

Although it is not possible to provide exact compensation payout amounts, there are certain estimates and guidelines to give you an idea.

Injury type Severity Compensation Comments
Achilles Injury Mild to Severe £5,250 – £30,050 Severe damage or a severed muscle that causes restricted movement and/or disability to the ankle muscles.
Ankle Injury Mild to Severe £10,250 – £53,050 Sprained or broken ankle e.g. dislocation, deformation, disfigurement where potentially an operation is needed.
Arm Injury Extremely Severe £74,150 – £227,200 Amputation of both or one arm, or partial amputation.
Arm Injury Moderate to Severe £30,050 – £99,700 Major restriction of movement or disability present in one or both arms with significant pain and suffering.
Arm Injury Mild £4,450 – £30,200 Restriction of movement and/or disability in the arms, but with an expected full recovery.
Back Injury Extremely Severe £29,700 – £123,250 Severe injury to the upper or lower back, possibly causing paralysis or any relating issues to organs in the lower parts of the body.
Back Injury Moderate to Severe £8,700 – £30,700 This range of compensation amounts might cover ligaments or the soft tissue on the back, any constant pain and /or any discomfort.
Back Injury Mild £300 – For soft tissue, a slipped disc, any muscle pain would receive this amount of injury compensation.
Ear Injury Extremely Severe £69,050 – £108,450 Complete loss of hearing because of the injury.
Ear Injury Moderate to Severe £22, 250 – £34,450 Complete hearing loss in one of the ears. The final compensation amount will depend on how the hearing loss affects the person.
Ear Injury Mild £4,250 – £37,450 This range of compensation is awarded for hearing loss in one or both ears and for those that now suffer with tinnitus because of the injury or the work environment.
Elbow Injury Extremely Severe £29,150 – £42,200 Total restriction in elbow movement that has now caused a disability or that has needed surgery.
Elbow Injury Moderate to Severe £11,350 – £23,850 Because of the injury to the elbow there is now restriction of movement in the arm.
Elbow Injury Mild £3,050 – £9,700 An injury to the elbow that is mild to moderate which now causes pain but total movement will be possible.
Eye Injury Extremely Severe £81,150 – £205,250 Loss of sight in one eye and some loss in the other, or loss of sight in both eyes will receive the maximum compensation.
Eye Injury Moderate to Severe £7,050 – £49,350 This range of injury compensation is awarded with very restricted vision in a single eye or loss of sight in one eye.
Eye Injury Mild £1,550 – £7,550 Pain in an eye, vision problems or temporary loss of vision in an eye.
Face Injury Extremely Severe £15,350 – £73,150 Facial disfigurement and scarring might warrant somewhere in this range of injury compensation. The severity of the injury shall determine how much compensation is awarded.
Face Injury Moderate to Severe £12,150 – £27,250 This compensation range cover fractures and breaks to the facial area, for example the nose.
Face Injury Mild £1,650 – £12,300 These amounts cover scarring. Please note that men tend to receive lower compensation than women.
Finger Injury Mild to Severe £370 – This range covers the amputation of fingers or a broken finger which should mend completely.
Foot Injury Extremely Severe £64,050 – £152,700 This range covers the amputation of one or both feet and how it might affect the persons life.
Foot Injury Moderate to Severe £18,450 – £52,850 Severe injury to one or both feet that causes restriction, fractures or disability to the foot.
Foot Injury Mild £5,250 – £11,000 Covering injury to a foot that will recover.
Hand Injury Extremely Severe £46,250 – £151,200 This range of compensation amounts shall cover the amputation of one or both hands or if a hand is made completely useless due to the injury.
Hand Injury Moderate to Severe £22,450 – £47,700 Unable to use a hand properly and/ or disfigurement to fingers.
Hand Injury Mild £695 – Soft tissue damage, ractures, cuts and surgery will warrant this range of injury compensation.
Head Injury Extremely Severe £215,050 – £310,050 Victims who are unresponsive due to severe brain damage and are unresponsive or what might be referred to as a vegetative state.
Head Injury Moderate to Severe £12,450 – £200,050 Lost feeling in limbs, change in personality and/ or a mental disability.
Head Injury Mild £1,450 – £9,450 Head injuries which haven’t caused brain damage but might still have lasting effects.
Knee Injury Extremely Severe £39,650 – £72,920 Disability because of a knee injury, major damage to muscles, muscle wastage and soft tissue damage.
Knee Injury Moderate to Severe £20,200 – £33,150 Disability because of a knee injury, damage to the muscle, cartilage, soft tissue, that causes pain and suffering.
Knee Injury Mild £4,700 – £19,550 A knee injury which is painful but the knee will recover in time so it has a full and normal working function.
Leg Injury Extremely Severe £75,050 – £214,950 Amputation of one or both legs. The compensation range also takes into consideration should the leg have been amputated below or above the knee.
Leg Injury Serious-Moderate £21,700 – £104,050 Injuries to the leg which has caused restriction in movement and disability that might have a life long prognosis.
Leg Injury Mild £1,750 – £17,850 Leg fractures, brakes or soft tissue damage which has affected the muscle and has caused great pain and discomfort.
Neck Injury Extremely Severe £35,450 – £112, 400 Very severe neck injuries, those causing movement problems to other parts of the body.
Neck Injury Moderate to Severe £29,550 – £42,250 Neck fractures, causing pain when moving, causing stiffness and inability to use the full movement of the persons neck.
Neck Injury Mild £1,750 – Whiplash type injuries, can depend on the length of time the injury lasts, how painful the injury is and what the long-term prognosis is.
Shoulder Injury Extremely Severe £9,450 – £36,950 Paralysis, limb numbness, restriction in movement because of the injury in the neck and shoulder.
Shoulder Injury Moderate to Severe £6,200 – £9,700 Neck tissue damage that might last for a considerable length of time and that restricts the movement in the eersons arm and elbow.
Shoulder Injury Mild £355 – Damage to soft tissue that should recover within the year or slighly longer, and causes or has caused moderate pain.
Toe Injury Severe – Mild £4,450 – £43,200 Covers the amputation of the victims big toe or several other toes.
Wrist Injury Severe – Mild £2,500 – £44,450 The wrist isn’t able to function because of the injury but the prognosis says the wrist will recover fully.

For more information, read our personal injury compensation claims payout guide

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